Simple Setup and Production

Simple shop setup with basic tools and equipment using common materials for lean and efficient production.

A typical ramp involves three processes for fabrication and can usually be completed in one day. Each of the processes are conducted at individual work stations. Manufacturing starts as the steel is processed at the “cut station” into specific lengths and quantities then to the “drill station” for corresponding holes. Finally, fabrication is completed at the “assembly station”. The average ramp requires eight sections and a typical ramp installation takes about two hours on site to connect and adjust the product.

The Fabrication Manual includes detailed drawings for the “do it yourself” building of work stations and specialty tools, complete product manufacturing  instructions with drawings and assembly instructions with reference photos. Every Manufacturing License includes one year of Technical Support to help guide you through shop setup and production.

To help you create a full service business, we also include an Installation Video that shows, in a step by step manner, how to correctly install the Hybrid Adjustable Modular Ramp™ in various configurations. Technical support applies to this too.

Additional materials included to help you create a successful business are a necessary materials and supplies list, necessary tools and equipment list, cost/quantity data template, proposal/invoice/statement template, warranty template and Technical Support contact information.

Advertising and promotional materials consisting of sample photos and a brochure template are also included to get you selling even quicker.

Typically, the tools and equipment required cost about $1,500 but do vary by location. Please look at the Tools and Supplies list, the tools and equipment used in this Manufacturing License are basic and you may already have most of what you need.