Readily Available Materials

There are other modular ramp systems on the market but what sets us apart is small scale manufacturing.

All of the other products are manufactured on a large scale at large facilities with complicated and expensive processes. We have made manufacturing simple and attainable for almost anyone.

The other products must be purchased in retail form allowing for only a small markup. With this Manufacturing License, you are the manufacturer who sells retail direct and provides the associated services. This takes the “middle men” out of the equation and directs those earnings and profits to you.

All of the materials and supplies needed to fabricate and install the Hybrid Adjustable Modular Ramp™ are readily available and most are available locally. Our unique system uses readily available materials that allow you to provide the lowest cost modular ramp on the market.

The included Initial Materials Inventory List contains the quantities to produce over $9,000 in retail value of the product and to build the required work stations and specialty tools for fabrication and installation. The capital required for the initial materials inventory is about $3,500 but markets do vary and you have the flexibility to purchase any quantities you wish, whether its just enough to set up your shop or enough to secure your investment.

This product makes installation efficient and inexpensive. Landing platforms easily install over existing steps and porches and the entire system rests on top of the ground, no holes to dig. All component frames include railings and are constructed of square galvanized steel tubing with a clear finish and are assembled with zinc plated fasteners. Low cost pressure treated wood decking is standard for all floors but this system will accept composite decking as well for higher end customers.