MARKET • Most states offer programs that cover home modifications to enable elderly and/or disabled individuals to remain living at home. To best understand the benefits of these programs, it helps to provide a historic perspective. Traditionally, individuals have turned to local organizations for assistance. Housing and advocacy programs have been the mainstay for providing ramps for individuals in need. In time, law makers recognized that it was both less expensive to provide services at home and preferable to remain at home rather than go into a nursing home. Now, programs offer a variety of financial support for home modifications. Many programs pay for physical modifications to the home such as the addition of wheelchair ramps and the services to install them.

TERRITORY AND EXPANSION • Each Exclusive Territory is determined by population and density, not by geographical size. Each territory includes a population of at least 2 million people and is tailored to your location and travel preferences. All territories must include entire counties.

Expansion of your territory can be added at any time. The expansion price is based on the population of the area you are interested in at a rate of $.009 per capita. All expansions must include entire counties.

SUPPORT • Also included with every Manufacturing License is 1 year of Technical Support. We will be available by phone, fax or email to assist you in shop setup and learning, fabricating and installing the Hybrid Adjustable Modular Ramp™. What we know, will be available to you.

PRODUCTION PROCESS • A typical ramp involves three processes for fabrication and can normally be completed in one day. The ability and comfort of working with small benchtop and hand held power tools is essential. The finished product is loaded into the truck for installation which usually requires about 2 hours on site to connect and adjust the product.

ABOUT US • In 2001 we were exposed to other modular ramps and were not impressed with the design, with a degree in engineering and over 50 years of combined real world experience, we knew we could do better. We have operated as a 2 man operation out of a home garage with great success. We are extremely proud of this product and feel that it is the “Best Job We’ve Ever Had”. This product has provided us with excellent profitability for over 15 years with single year sales upwards of $240,000. Our “Recipe For Success” is based on the concept that “Price Sells” and we have proven this idea to be correct.

INVESTING IN YOU • We are offering this Manufacturing License with an extremely low initial fee because we want to give you the best chance for success.

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