300% Profit

Our standard 3′ x 5′ incline ramp section has a hard cost of $100.00 and a current market sale price of $400.00 for a net revenue of $300.00. This same ramp section can be produced in your garage or shop in as little as 15 minutes.

There are other modular ramp systems on the market but what sets us apart is small scale manufacturing. What makes this possible is the Hybrid Adjustable Modular Ramp (HAMR™) system. All of the other products available are manufactured on a large scale, at large facilities with complicated and expensive processes. We have made manufacturing simple and attainable for almost anyone. The other products must be purchases in retail form allowing for only a small markup which means a small profit. With the HAMR™ system, you are the manufacturer who sells retail direct and provides the associated services. This takes all of the “middle men” out of the equation and allows you to make that much more profit.

Other benefits of this business include easy estimates, fabricating in a controlled environment (your garage or shop), about 2 hours on site for installation, simple tools and equipment required, rewarding and flexible.